Album review of The Second You Sleep

The longest awaited debut album ever – nominated to two “Danish Music Awards” – winner of the Danish “P3-Prisen” – New artist of the year (Gaffa) !

With the two singles ”Fools Corner” and ”The Day After Tomorrow”, almost constantly on the air on the Danish P3 in the late summer, autumn and winter 2001 – Saybia played from just being known by their loyal audience, to be one of the Danish rock bands with the biggest expectations in 2002.

The Second You Sleep is Saybia’s debut-album. With a total of 53 minutes and 7 seconds – spread on 11 songs – it’s an album filled with yearning, unrest, dynamic and striving for beauty and brightness.

Saybia is playing songs for the seeking and the exposed – without easy answers, but with a clear knowledge of the hurdles, one has to try fight against with both dreams and faith in, that somewhere out there, there’s one to share it with.

Saybia’s sound is borough from many places – but still their own. There is a long way to the heaven in the songs – and everywhere it’s a united band, who adds the music a melancholic beauty.

Saybia is the sound of a band, with plenty international ambitions – but clearly has a touch from the Nordic countries.

The Second You Sleep is filled with songs, which are made for intimacy and a pleasant time, with a passionate audience in the clubs all over the country – and at the same time music witch can endure being played over and over again on the stereo at home. The sound is big, sharp and bullet-proof.

From the opening with the electric and insisting 7 Demons throughout the album – with the bitter acknowledge of the impossible in The One For You – the audience draws in Saybia’s music universe, were rock rimes on dynamic, nerve, poetry and melody. Songs like the title-song and Snake Tongued Beast sounds like new obvious radio favorites. Miracle In July are filled with sonic experiments. The two hit singles Fools Corner and The Day After Tomorrow is made even bigger and clearer in the new record – and with the dreaming tracks of Joy, Still Falling and Empty Stairs.

Saybia keeps their personal vision about rock music in their music.




Unknown (translated to English)

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