Album review of The Second You Sleep

THE SECOND YOU SLEEP is Saybia’s debut album. With 11 songs and a total playing time of 53 minutes and 7 seconds, it is altogether an album that is filled to capacity with longing, restlessness, dynamics and a constant striving to achieve beauty and clarity. Saybia sings the songs of those who are searching for something and those in need of some kind of protection, and although the songs do not give any easy answers, they do give the clear idea that life is full of obstacles that one must try to fight ones way through by both dreaming, and believing that somewhere there is someone to share these dreams with. Saybia’s sound borrows from lots of different sources, but nevertheless it is uniquely the group’s own. The band’s songs aim sky-high, and altogether the members of the band are so closely connected by their musical bonds that they each add their own brand of melancholy beauty to the music. Saybia is the sound of a band that clearly has international ambitions, while still retaining its ties with Scandinavia. As if, for instance, the band had an extra musician in the endless Swedish forests, in the springs that flow from the naked mountains of the Polar Circle, in the granite stone of the island of Bornholm and in the twilight of a Danish autumn day.




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