Album review of The Second You Sleep

Ok folks it’s time to get serious. Here we have one of the absolute best albums we will here in 2002. These Danish guys have delivered a FANTASTIC album. A marvelous production. Somewhere between Coldplay, Travis and Aha ‘ but all in a more modern costume. Shit. I’m stunned. There are moments on this album I just played over an over again ‘ songs, parts of songs and hell know what else. The Lead vocalist Søren Huss sounds like a young horny Morten Harket with a little more edge. Frankly one of the best singers I’ve heard in a long time. And there are parts on here beautiful like if Peter Gabriel and Mark Rutherford would have composed them in the 70’s for a Genesis album. Still, this is pop. Nothing else. Hard to explain so I suggest you all going out right away and buy yourself a copy. Your CD collection is not complete without this album. Listen to third out ‘The Second You Sleep’ ‘ that is what music is all about. Marvelous folks. Simply marvelous.




Pär Winberg

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