Album review of The Second You Sleep

Saybia, five musicians from Denmark, surprise the world with their debut album. The Second You Sleep has songs that sound like Travis, Coldplay and Starsailor. Think of some great rock songs with guitar solos, some powerful ballads and a lead singer, Søren Huss, with a powerful voice, and you have a winner.

Opener “7 Demons” shows what Saybia is all about. Starting off acoustic, this song rocks through it’s chorus, ending with a great guitar solo. It could have been the best rock track on the album, weren’t it for the depressing “In Spite Of” and the even more powerful rock songs “The Day After Tomorrow”.

The rest of the album consists of rock songs or ballads. And the acoustic based ballads are just as good as the rock songs. Title track “The Second You Sleep” is a wonderful love song, and “The One For You”¸ about unreturned love, is simple, but oh so beautiful. “Empty Stairs” gives us some more beats and sounds, and “The Miracle Of July” changes halfway into the song from acoustic to full on rock.

Saybia have created a album filled with beautiful ballads and rock songs. Combined with the amazing vocals and great lyrics from Huss, the band have a beautiful sound which will appeal to many people. It’s too bad they didn’t put “Dressed In Black”, a lovely piano ballad, on their album, but all the songs are so incredibly strong, you won’t even miss it.





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