Album review of The Second You Sleep

“After listening to The Second You Sleep, the first full length album from Danish rockers, Saybia, I can only make one clear assumption about this band and that is every one of the band members has had all their relationships end badly. Every single one. How else does one explain this collection of melancholy songs?

But I must get past my assumptions and acknowledge the fact that Saybia has produced a very good album. On first listen, the Danish group of the year sounds a little like Our Lady Peace and a little like Coldplay. That means they are, despite what the promotional material calls them (alt–rock), very mainstream. Their simple and crisp emotional rock tunes show off the musical skills that the members Søren Huss (vocals), Sebastian Sandstrøm (guitar), Jess Jensen (keyboards), Jeppe Knudsen (bass) and Palle Sørensen (drums) have practiced for years (a decade for the original three members) in rehearsal halls and garages. The album starts off beautifully with two of the album’s better tracks, “7 Demons” and “Fool’s Corner,” two songs lamenting about what else, love gone wrong. Actually, so is just about every other tune. Some, like the title track, “Still Falling” and “The Day After Tomorrow,” are better written and more pleasant to the ears. The album ends, disappointingly, with the slow and plodding, “The One For You,” in which of course, the lead vocalist, Huss sings about how he is actually NOT the one for you.

Alright, I spent most of this review sarcastically telling you about how all of Saybia’s songs are about the dark side of love. What I should have done, maybe, was spend more time telling you how pleasant “The Second You Sleep” was to listen to, because this group produces some pretty good music.”




Wilson Wong

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