Album review of These Are The Days

After 2 ½ years, Danish rock band Saybia returns to deliver their follow up record to their amazing debut The Second You Sleep. A tough challenge, which the guys found very hard to take on, if you read the lyrics. Their debut record consisted of perfect rock songs about love and loneliness, but after their sudden success and constant touring through Europe, the guys found they had nothing left to fight for. So they rented a house on an island and for two months they wrote new songs and they came up with These Are The Days.

Opener Brilliant Sky shows a more positive side of the band, and nearly over three minutes, the song is a radio hit to be. The same can be said for Bend The Rules and the love ballad “I Surrender”. Although executed very well, you have already heard it on their first record. Doesn’t take away the beauty of the songs though.

Guardian Angel, like Bend The Rules another song about the struggle the band had with their success, has a beautiful chorus and a guitar solo that is Saybia worthy. After that the songs get a bit weary. We Almost Made It, again about their struggle, never reaches it’s potential, and “Soul United” and “Flags” aren’t their best moments. The band get’s their act together with the powerful “Stranded”, which will give you chills live. The power of the song isn’t captured as it should be, but it’s still really beautiful. “It’s Ok Love” is a piano ballad which can be beautiful if you are in the mood for such a song. If you aren’t, the song is terrible. I will go for the first. Bonus track “Untitled” finishes the album. With it’s seventeen (!) minutes, this song is a bit too much. The guitars are gentle, and it builds up quite nice, but when the fade out kicks in after ten minutes you kinda had it.

Saybia have created a record which doesn’t live up to the expectations. Still, it’s a record with enormous potential, and some true gems. Most of the songs are amazing when played live, and singer Søren Huss still has an amazing, powerful voice. It’s too bad the band never really rocks to it’s fullest, and the topic “struggle with success” get’s boring after a couple of songs. But still, it’s Saybia, and it has it’s beautiful moments.





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