Album review of These Are The Days

Danish band Saybia created a buzz in their homeland with their debut “The second you sleep” in 2002 and then toured for a year and a half in Europe making their name even more popular.

They were last seen on MTV Nordic Awards where they performed the new single “Surrender” from the new album, the debut is a strong piece of work in the Travis/Coldplay/Aha vein but it’s brighter than the serious follow up “These are the days”.
I feel that the new album is too serious and too calm like listening to a depressive Ashcroft (The Verve), it’s not a bad album – I just miss the standout tracks that the debut had.

“Brilliant sky” and “Soul united” along with the new single “Surrender” are 3 tracks that sticks to my head but they are in no way as good as the best stuff on the debut, this band should cheer up a bit on the next album or otherwise you could use their music as a sleeping pill.




Kaj Roth

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