Album review of These Are The Days

I have fun taking music seriously. At the end of every year I review all the new music of the year, which usually means a list of about 40 albums that I thought were among the best. After narrowing down my favorites, and keeping only the best sounds in my CD player, I found that I just could NOT get tired of Saybia’s album These Are The Days. Light-hearted, deep-meaning, steady rock with hints of soulful emotion, all backed up by beautiful vocals and clever instrumentation that make this an incredibly soothing album.

Those who can’t get into Saybia will complain that it sounds like any other pop-rock act with an acoustic guitar occasionally backed by electric. But I can’t help loving this album. It reminds of me of Radiohead at times, and of nothing I’ve ever heard before at others. Definitely one of few must-haves of 2004!


6 out of 6


Paul McCord

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