Info about Concerts 46664 June 11th 2005

On the 11. June (red. 2005) Saybia has been invited to play at Concerts 46664 in Tromsø, Norway. Concerts 46664 is a non-profit campaign started by Nelson Mandela Foundation to support global awareness about HIV/AIDS. The arrangement took place in South Africa for the first time in 2003. Then more than 2 billions people watched or heard highlights from the concert!

Saybia is the only Danish band, who has been invited to this happening, where several international stars will perform. The concert will be broadcasted to several million Television viewers all over the World.

”We are overjoyed for our Danish fans, and the support we have meet during our concerts here at home. Specially at just finished tour in Denmark”, says lead singer Søren Huss on the behalf of Saybia. ”It has therefore been hard to make the decision to participate at Concerts 46664, because it mend a cancellation to the concert at Rock Under Broen at the same date. But we are honored by the invitation, and happy to be able to help supporting this vital and good purpose – That we couldn’t turn down” it comes from Søren Huss.

Saybia, their management and right now their concert manager tries to find a solution, to accommodate any disappointed fans, who can’t se Saybia perform at Rock Under Broen.

All artist performs free of charge, and all the benefit goes to information and fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.



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