Review of concert in Store Vega, December 15th

Saybia and Nephew in the humanitarian premier league
Blessed are whose who Thursday evening cleared their conscience, and got two great concerts in return.

”The music reaches all the way out there, where it’s a matter of dead or alive”, it sounded all over a filled Vega. The concert was opened by the chairman for Medicins Sans Frontieres, Søren Brix Christensen, who started the double-concert with Saybia and Nephew, by reminding the audiences, that they for 300 kr. not only had bought a ticket to a concert, but also a clean conscience. All the profit of the concert went to the humanitarian organization.

That was for sure something the audience liked. The good conscience was a welcomed bonus by then I talked to. The Christmas are soon to come, and who doesn’t wish for angel wings?

Then Søren Huss went on the stage in the lead of Saybia, we could turn the good conscience to pure absolution: “There aren’t much to say. We have done what we could by being here tonight – lets throw our quilt, and enjoy it”. By that way both Medicins Sans Frontieres and Søren Huss delivered a suitable feeling between the good purpose, and that people really came for – the music.

Instead there is much of shame, sadness and failure in Saybia’s music and lyrics. In a obscure lightning filled with mood, the band opened with a hit from their first album (“The Second You Sleep”) “In Spite Of”. There live a voice in Søren Huss, that none can wish being locked away. His vocal carried us beautifully through hits like ”Bend The Rules”, “The Day After Tomorrow” and ”Fool’s Corner”. Guitarist Sebastian Sandstrøm delivered an impressive concert, and especially Sebastian and Jess Jensen by the keys shined in the making of a complete shaped sound image, which surrounded us in the, throughout the hole concert, dark Vega.

Even so it’s hard to ignore the many – especially the old – songs, seems in live versions to be as one, with very few opportunities to improvisation. Maybe that’s the reason why a presentation of a never-played-before-song  – with a long instrumental passage and room for all in the band – seemed like a big relieve. From there the band played three ballads, which got the mood among some of the audience to drop a bit. Even with only to albums, Saybia fortunately have many hits in their luggage, and could turn the tide with amongst others “Brilliant Sky”, before closing with “I Surrender”. Saybia’s performance where great. It’s a clever, but very tight playing band, who in periods where on the line of being boring.



Signe Bønsvig Wehding

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