Review of the concert in Lille Vega (Invites only), June 21st 2007

Amazing… simply amazing… absolutely stunning

The doors opened two hours before take-off at 22:00, and Saybia’s family, friends and around 150 lucky invited seemed to be excited to be there. Saybia played some of new songs from the forthcoming album, which without a doubt got everybody’s approval at once. We where also blessed with some songs from the first albums, and this combination spell bounded us all.

The set list:

  • On Her Behalf
  • Gypsy
  • In Spite Of
  • The Second You Sleep
  • Eyes On The Highway
  • Pretender
  • Romeo
  • Way Out
  • I Surrender
  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • Angel
  • Brilliant Sky

I wish I could, but I have to admit, that I can’t describe the concert in details. It was so great that I floated to the music, and first landed long after the concert where over. The hole concert is a blur of ecstatic feelings and amazing music, and it can’t get any better. The new songs are simply amazing.

The guys gave all they got, and gave us a glimpse of their personal journey in live. In return the audience gave them their love.

The key elements that made this a fantastic and unforgettable concert where, the outstanding new songs, Saybias energy and charisma, the close family and friends, a intimate stage, where we all got really close to the band… And not to forget all us Saybians.

Returning home and thinking about this memorable revelation, I can’t stop the feeling of joy and happiness, knowing that Saybia without a doubt has found their own place in the world of music. The drums, the bass, the guitars, the keyboard, the voice… There is no doubt, it’s Saybia. With this new forthcoming album in mind, it’s sure that they’ll get plenty of acknowledge for their big effort, and a lot of time in the air.

There is a huge potential in the new album, and I can’t wait to it hits the streets August 27th 2007.

All in all a few words can describe it all. The new album is a absolutely must in everybody’s music-collection.


6 out of 6


René Nöstler

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