Saybia – Ready to hit the CH-charts

“These Are The Days” made it to the 13th place in the CH-charts. 3 years later are SAYBIA back. The Danes are ready to hit the charts, like the singer Søren (31) and the keyboarder Jess (30) told us in this „Blick-interview“.

Blick: You needed much time with the new album. Are you happy with the result?
Søren: More than happy…

Jess: This is why we let us use so much time with the recording.

Blick: I mean, that the album has, in spite of melancholy, a positive “base tendency”. The song Eyes On The Highway sounds of departure. Are you ready to hit the CH-charts?
Søren: This you heard right, we are happy, and we will concentrate on doing that what we do… making beautiful music. We has for a long time been of the highway, but we found the way back on it.

Jess (laughs): We now have “GPS”! We’re ready for all the things to come in the future. We’re looking forward.

Blick: Søren, in your lyrics you write often about people who sacrifice them up for other people, why this approach?
Søren:  Ohhhhh, let me get a little bit to drink, I need more time…

Jess: I don’t writing the lyrics (Søren laughs), but I think it is about the fact by getting older, you have to sacrifice, so you can live your own live.

Søren:  Yes, we have to sacrifice much, so we can concentrate 100% on our music. Secondly is the experience important, that many people sacrifices parts of their lives for other people  – This goes for our band also, That impresses me much.

Blick: do you know any Swiss band?
Jess: of course, the Lovebugs!


Gabriel Bönnimann (BlickSounds)

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