Album review of Eyes On The Highway

The Danish Saybia brought in 2002 there debut album The second you Sleep on the market. In 2004 they came with the next: These are the days. In 2007 it’s time for the third one on which we waited for a long time from the gents from Legoland.

For those who are not familiar with the work of Saybia, They make very beautiful, melancholic popmusic. You can compare it with Travis, Starsailor R.E.M. and Coldplay

Saybia and the Netherlands
Saybia is rather popular in the Netherlands and they love to play in front of the Dutch audience. So they are very proud to present their new material during Lowlands.

A specially the titeltrack Eyes On The Highway and Gipsy felt in good hands
with the audiance and made me curious for the new album.

1. On Her Behalf
2. Eyes On The Highway
3. Angel
4. Godspeed Into The Future
5. The Odds
6. Romeo
7. Pretender
8. Gypsy
9. A Way Out
10. A Walk In The Park
11. At The End Of Blue

The first single

Angel is the first single of the new album. Of course you can make a request for this number on Actionradio. The choice for this number is very logical: It reminds us of the emotions we have had with “I surrender”. It is a beautiful ballad which gives you tears in your eyes. Saybia also announce the fans that the new album will be a bit heavier than the others.

What about the new album?

Musically the album is perfect and Saybia gives us a divers sound. From the slow ballad Angel until the up-tempo Eyes on the Highway. From the catchy and jazzy Walk in the Park until the experimental part in Godspeed Into The Future. The promised heavier sound is recognizable in a few numbers.

The track which surprised me the most was A Walk in The Park, a relaxing number with back ground noises when Soren is singing Don’t stop ………. This number shows me that Saybia is not afraid to try something new to reach a fine result.

What do I think about the album?
It sounds fine, the 11 numbers on the record have a great variety to keep me listening. But it does sound like I thought it would sound like, so don’t expect any surprises but I fine sounding album.

Saybia shows on the third album more spirit, musically sometime more heavy and more experimental e.g. Godspeed Into The Future. Me personally think it is fine that they have more experimented with the new tracks so that the tracks match more with each other.

In the lyrics it is mostly love: Melancholic and desire are dripping of, so you have to be in the right mood to enjoy the album. Some of the lyrics contain a lot of repeating sentences, but that did not bother me.

After listening to the album a few time I’m pleased to let you know that I have discovered a lot of beautiful on the album. I strongly recommend to listen to the album with headphones on. Than you can hear the subtitle sounds and effects in the music.

If you are looking for an album full of beautiful, melancholic pop songs with a bit rock than is Eyes On the Highway a perfect choicekeuze.

You should listen to:

  • Angel
  • Eyes On The Highway
  • Gypsy
  • A Walk In The Park


Jochem (ActionRadio)

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