Saybia-singer Huus: “Men too have their days”

After a big „mammut-tour“ the history from SAYBIA was almost finished, then the “Danish Coldplay” found a way out – and got them closer together. “20 minuten“ has talked with the singer Søren Huss about their 3rd album.

After an 18-month tour you had almost got separated. What happened?
Søren: Yes, when you are on tour, then you have much time off, and you have to learn doing something meaningful with this time. At the beginning we partied all the time. Besides the stage we didn’t play much music, so we had no new inspiration. That was the reason for this “tensions”

Do you enjoy being on the stage, playing live?
Søren: Yes, of course. We are actually already on the road. Naturally I miss my bed and my family, but it’s also a good for a relationship, when you’re missing each other sometimes.

And the “tour-collapse“ do not return?
Søren: We says it like this: “Men to have their days“. Everyone gets to have a bad day once in a while.

You`re the heroes from melancholia. At the new album, you show a happier and more powerful side. How comes that?
Søren: After this “tensions“, we bought a house together, and built a studio in there. We have recorded “Eyes on the Highway“ there. This was the first time, we could let us take so much time with the recording. That gave us the possibility to work more intensive with the songs, and the possibility to try out new things.


Marlies Seifert (20 Minuten)

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