Review of the concert in Loppen, September 6th

What a night!!!

If you can look aside the time spend on waiting, I can guarantee what you don’t ever get a better concert than with Saybia on Loppen, Copenhagen.

It was a nice sunny evening with a beautiful sky, and a bit warmer as usual. Who should know that this was just the start of an unforgettable night. The place is like no other (than I’ve visited), and the atmosphere was great. The old building with wooden floors and ceiling, with a little stage in eye-height made it very intimate. The audiences were some of the fans through the years, and everybody looked forward to a great concert.

No one had to go home disappointed, the venues staff did that they could to risen the mood, and Saybia took it from there, and with a great success. With the audiences ½ meter away, feeling their expectations and joy had to make an impact on the guys, and so it did. With an ease, concentration, and common understanding among the band, they managed to spellbind the audience completely to their melodies, sound and lyrics. Saybia played a wide range of song from all 3 albums, which gave all an opportunity to sing along once or twice. This evening’s audience had without a doubt already bought the new album, because they seemed to know the lyrics already, and where singing with Søren to all the new songs as well, showing this concert included some of the more “hard-core” fans.

In all it felt like the time stood still, and all you could do was to listen and enjoy this unique moment, hoping it would last forever.

There had gone 6 years since the guys had been at Loppen, but it looked like it was yesterday they’ve been there last time. They seemed loving the place, and even some minor problems with Søren’s guitar vs. the loudspeakers couldn’t ruin the mood. Okay the guy had his birthday, and also got a birthday-song from the audience, what more can a man wish for? In all it seemed like Saybia and Loppen are connected somehow, and hopefully there won’t go 6 years before the next concert there again.

One little but…
When do we get the chance hearing all the new songs live? The album is brilliant, and the songs are getting better and better each time you hear them… Saybia, we want them all!!! If it means that the concert will take 3 hours, it’s quite ok.


  • Angel
  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • On Her Behalf
  • Gypsy
  • Still Falling
  • Fools Corner
  • In Spite Of
  • omeo
  • Eyes On The Highway
  • Bend The Rules
  • Brilliant Sky
  • Untitled
  • A Way Out
  • The Second You Sleep
  • I Surrender

6 out of 6



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