SAYBIA with orchestra in the amusement park Tivoli

The outdoor concert in the amusement park Tivoli on June 27th, will be very special for all the audiences as well as the band. For the first time SAYBIA will perform a concert with a symphony orchestra, and not just any symphony orchestra. 22 members from Tivoli highly acclaimed Tivoli Symphony Orchestra, will join the band on stage.

The Tivoli Symphony Orchestra
Not many amusement parks – in fact none except for Tivoli – can boast a symphony orchestra and concert hall of international standing. Music has nonetheless been part and parcel of the Tivoli experience ever since the founding of the gardens in 1843.

When Tivoli was first established, the music director of the then 18-piece orchestra was Hans Christian Lumbye (1810-1874), often dubbed the ‘Strauss of the North’. As a composer he wrote more than 800 works, and his renowned Champagne Galop was commissioned for Tivoli’s second anniversary in 1845. The first few bars of the work are represented on the railing of the exterior balcony that faces the garden fountains.

The Tivoli Symphony Orchestra, which today has 80 members, performs at the Tivoli Concert Hall during the summer season under the leadership of internationally acclaimed conductors and accompanied by some of the world’s leading musicians and performers. During the winter months the orchestra changes its name to the Copenhagen Philharmonic and tours extensively both at home and abroad. The orchestra performs more than 100 concerts, ballets and operas annually.

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