Newsletter from Skandinavian

In October Saybia starts theire last tour in October, before the band takes a break.

Dear Saybians,

First of all we’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all for a great summer of festivals. The seasons are now changing and this means a number of things: The temperature’s dropping, the long, bright days are disappearing fast and Saybia’s hitting the road for the Autumn Tour.

It is now 7 years ago that Chapter One of the Saybia Adventure began with the signing of an EMI record deal and the release of our first EP. Since then we have released three albums and had a multitude of fabulous adventures on the road. Music has taken us to places all over the world; we’ve criss-crossed Denmark, played in Norway, Sweden, Finland, The Faroe Islands, Greenland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, England, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, the US, Japan and China. It has been an epic rock adventure with all that this entails.

We now feel we’ve reached the end of the Second Chapter in our Saybia book and that, in order to write Chapter Three, we will need to put the book away for a period of time and turn our attention to other things. In other
words: This will be our last tour for a little while. This break will do the band good and give us the strength to return even stronger when the time is ready.

We owe all of you a large and massive thank you for all of your support during the past seven years and we are very much looking forward to seeing you all out there to do what we do best: Taking you all on another journey into our musical universe.

We hope to see you at at least one of the venues listed below:

03.10.08: Tapperiet, Køge
04.10.08: Magasinet, Odense
07.10.08: Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg
08.10.08: Debaser, Stockholm
10.10.08: Fermaten, Herning
11.10.08: Studenterhuset, Aalborg
13.10.08: John Dee, Oslo
16.10.08: Sønderborghus, Sønderborg
18.10.08: Train, Aarhus
20.10.08: Magnet Club, Berlin
23.10.08: Bierhüebeli, Bern
24.10.08: Rohstofflager, Zürich
26.10.08: Luxor, Cologne
28.10.08: AB, Brussels
29.10.08: Lucky & Co, Rijssen
31.10.08: Waerdse Tempel, Heerhugowaard
01.11.08: Paard, Den Haag,
03.11.08: Tivoli, Utrecht
04.11.08: 013, Tilburg
06.11.08: Pumpehuset, København




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