Review of the concert at Roskilde Festival June 28th

One of the most beautiful things to experience on a Roskilde Festival, is a young Danish band, in a golden state of intoxication rises, and together with a young audience unfolds in a moment, a change of generations, witch first later on, will show if it has a short or long life.

Such a moment hit Saybia from Nyborg, there in one year hade gone from the camping-stage, to the position as Denmark’s new big name.

A band who don’t break new territories, but have the seldom talent to be able to write songs filled with passion, it sounds like instant classics.

Joy on the stage

t’s very seldom one experiences so much joy both on and by the young audience, which clearly shows that Saybia were their band.

From the start the girls were singing along. At first the boys were a little shy, and tried each other out, but as they learned, that their gift in the mouth after all moved to this days lyrics, the soon bawled along to  “a lack of confidence is pulling me down”.

The bands enthusiastic competence, the moving melodies carried by clear emotions and the lead singer Søren Huss, who stands higher and higher over the flat Denmark.

Everything where ready for a breakthrough

t was a day, where everything felt together for Saybia. Already from the start, with the introducing maneuvers, to the opening number “7 Demons” the audience swallowed every tone, and from the rock-biding “Snake Tongue Beast” to the elegiac “Joy” there wasn’t a moment where the concentration in the symbiotic relationship between the band and audience were less than total.

A breakthrough were planed on Grøn Scene (red. Green stage), and Saybia used the chance as deserved.

Infectious joy of playing

It was one of the emotional and defining moments in Roskilde’s history.

A young Danish band with a enormous potential and the music heart at the right place, went on stage, and took it equal obviousness and infectious joy of playing.

“Our best concert-experience ever” Søren Huss shouted out with joy.

For sure! 


4 out of 6


Kim Skotte

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