Review of Bork Havnefestival August 6th 2011

Let down by the audience and organizers: pity for Saybia

Beautiful ballads did not fall in the festival crowd’s taste on a Saturday night, so Saybia had to be content with four stars.

Either the enthusiastic and committed crowd in the festival Bork were tired Saturday by 22-time, or they were building up to the last concert.

It was a shame for Saybia, which was let down both of those who stayed away, and of the approximately 600 who attended the concert.

No matter how much the sympathetic Søren Huss and the band tried to get people along, it never succeded except in big hits like “Fools Corner”, “I Surrender” and “The Day After Tomorrow”.

Melancholic rock
Most of all however, Saybia were let down by the organizers. For melancholic rock should not be placed on a Saturday night, where people want to sing along and drink beer.

Luckily Søren Huus surplus to praise the audience, although it was halved before the extra “Brilliant Sky”.

Therefore Saybia gets four stars for a concert that featured beautiful, but sometime almost a bit boring music.


Link to the Danish review
Svigtet af publikum og arrangører: Synd for Saybia – Skjern-Tarm.

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