Support acts on the Fall Tour


On October 28th in Paard van Troje there will be no support-act.

On October 30th in Effenaar and November 1st in Tivoli, the band Ming’s Pretty Heroes will be the support act. Ming’s Pretty Heroes is the musical manifestation of Rotterdam’s Ai Ming Oei, singer and songwriter. The band is Music Ambassador of Rotterdam this year and released their 2nd album “Karma” in September. Be prepared for personal, intense songs, enveloped by the beautiful, shadowy sounds of guitars, drum computers, paper wads(!) and Casio keyboard samples.

On November 2nd in Patronaat and November 3rd in Metropool, the band Are You A Lion will be the support act.


Support act for the shows in Switzerland will be the band BRIGHT.

BRIGHT – a band full of love confessions for optimistic melancholy, has just finished recordings with Producer Andreas Ahlenius, who also worked with SAYBIA on The Second You Sleep and These Are The Days. BRIGHT releases the 1st single “Care” on November 4thfrom their forthcoming album (released in 2012), and will be playing some on their new songs.

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