4 nominations to Søren

Danish Music Awards 2011

Since 1989, IFPI has been behind the DMA, the Danish music industry’s oldest and most prestigious award. At this year’s Danish Music Awards Søren is nominated for a statuette in 4 categories.

This year’s Danish Album:
Søren Huss – Troen & Ingen

This year’s Danish Songwriter:
Søren Huss

This year’s Danish Male Artist:
Søren Huss

This year’s Danish Rock Release:
Søren Huss – Troen & Ingen

It is not the first time, Søren is nominated at the Danish Music Awards. In 2003 SAYBIA won in the categories Best Danish Group and Best Danish Album, while Søren won in the category Best Danish Singer.

See if Søren repeats the success from 2003, when Danish Music Awards takes place at Forum in Copenhagen on November 5th 2011. The show will by shown live on Danish TV2.

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