Palle interviewed in Heart Beat No. 8 – 2008

He has recently heard two concerts within a short time. They were very different, but Palle found them great in their own way. One was with Chris Minh Doky, who had the virtuoso drummer Keith Carlock (winner of the Modern Drummers voting for the last 3 years) with him on stage. The other was with Neil Young, and it ‘sthe one Palle talks most about. Despite his 62 years, the Canadian-born folk-rocker still  manage to excite. And then there was the band with Ralph Molina behind the drums, which helped the aging Mr. Young – wearing spray painted suit – to energize the evening’s second set.

“After Neil Young had taken the first set alone, the second set was a real rock concert with pirate flag behind the drums and lots of red light. It was cool – they do not care what people think, and as a result puts a lot of the smart, streamlined attitude-race that otherwise are in the music business in perspective “.

An expressive detail

The concert made a big impression on the 33-year-old Palle Sørensen. It’s obvious – even over a cellular connection from his apartment on Amager. After the concert, as the electrical vibrations were digested, Palle noticed something.

“When Ralph Molina goes off the stage and has his back towards the audience, he pulls up in his pants … “.

Pall ehas a bit hard to explaining why, such ordinary act should be something special. But he took note of it.

“It’s about passion for music and nothing else, and though I also think Keith Carlock as a fantastic drummer, I can better identify with a man, who just pulls up his trousers when he goes off the stage. How Neil Young and the old tough gang delivered the concert – that’s how I would like to see Saybia, when we reach their age. ”

When the bomb burst

Palle spend lots of his time thinking about the future. And the present. Since Saybia in 2002 got success on the Danish music scene, his hobby suddenly became a living.

“It was like a bomb that explodes in our faces. That year was one long ‘Summer Of Love’, where we played for loads of people in places like Skanderborg Festival,Green Stage at Roskilde Festival – where we had played the year before at the camping scene. It was completely surreal. ”

Now he stands after the third album. The media and record buyers’ attention has taken a more moderate intensity and what should I as a drummer then spend my life on?

“The last eight years have been a bit like living in a bubble, where we in the band lived together in a safe environment. To join the community again is a bit of a leap, and it is clearly the biggest change, that has happened in my life in recent years. Saybia have come out on the other side with the third album. The board is wiped clean, and except for some festivals this summer, I have time to my disposal and what should I do with it? That, I’m thinking about.”

Did the keyboard again

Has Palle then found a new hobby to turn to?

“I bought a remote-controlled plane …. But it broke, and so far the new I bought hangs overhead. Yes, you could say, that I have found an old hobby again – my love for tangents. Before I became a drummer, I played keyboards, and now that Saybia has some holes in the calendar where we are not touring or recording, I started a little side project. It is an informal musical playgroup where I can try things that might not fit Saybia. The music can probably best described as evocative – with electronic elements – as opposed to Saybia where music is more analog. ”

Gardening is good karma

Palle finds the ideas for the moods on a 2.800 square meter garden south of Copenhagen.Saybia invested the largest share of wages from concerts and record sales in a house, where they have their rehearsal room, instruments and a studio. But Palle is not just down to play music.

“There are a lot of yard work waiting, and its great therapy to be in close contact with Mother Earth – cut the grass, dig and cut branches from the trees.”

The nature shows on the cover of Saybia’s latest album ‘Eyes On The Highway’ from 2007. The illustrations are made by Palle Sorensen’s girlfriend Louise, and the leaves here goes again on the front skin of the new drum set, which he began playing at the end of 2007. It is a set of labeled Drum Limousine in green sparkle and sizes 22×14, 13, 15 and 18.

New drums with thin boilers

“I have sworn to vintage sets for a long time. My Ludwig and my Slingerland have both been on many tours, but it wear, and eventually I became a little sore over them. I found the kit from Modern Drums after asking around among other drummers, where to find something new, that had qualities of a vintage set. Several pointed out Drum Limousine drums, and they have performed excellent so far. Maybe it’s because of their thin boilers – there are certainly more power in them than other new drums I’ve tried. I think that the quality of an old set, lies in that the wood is worn to, so the kit personality and character. You play more ‘with it’ than ‘on it’. The same applies to cymbals. I like the sound of the old basin, which has been worn too.

Tender and well-hung

The drums have to be worn. The Cymbals must preferably have felt the love from knowledgeable hands over a period. And according to Palle Sørensen musicians to, often gets better with age.

“What Neil Young and his band did at the concert, can only be done with their long history. Sometime in the future I would like to see myself as another Ralph Molina walking off the stage after a blast of a concert – and then just pull up my pants … ”


Mads Pinholt – Modern Drums

Original Danish version

Heart Beat No. 8 – 2008 (in PDF)

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