2nd show on the Fall Tour

The 2nd show is over, and the band were really rocking with the dutch crowd in Effenaar October 30th.

See the setlist from the concert.

The modern venue:

Photo: Jeppe Knudsen

The guys rocking the roof of Effenaar in Eindhoven:

Photo: Robert Rongen

“How did it go, tonight?
Mmm, allright.
Yes, we really rocked!
The crowd was great!
Yeah, how great it is to play in Holland.
A beer after the show?
Yeah, skål!
Oh man, we have to do 3 gigs hereafter.
Yeah, glæder mig!!!”

Photo: Mireille Hazelhoff

All good things comes to an end:

Photo: Shyamen Bollen

Watch some of the songs from the concert:

7 Demons
Brilliant Sky:
I Surrender:
In Spite Of:
Unconditional War:

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