Søren Huss portrait became the music photo of the year

More than 3,000 ingenious and outstanding music images competed for prices to the GAFFA Photo Award ’11, and the winner was a classic portrait in black / white of Søren Huss with his back to the camera.

A man in a long coat with long hair and hat enters a Danish beech forest. The foreground shows a dark forest, and light peeks out from between the tall trees in the back. It’s all described in black and white shades.

Photo: Nikolai Linares Larsen

The photo was selected by the jury between more than 3,000 other music photos, and the photo is taken by Nikolai Linares Larsen. The strong moment shows Søren Huss, who in the past year have gone solo without SAYBIA, alone with his backs to the camera moving into the bright forest.

The jury said: “A portrait that tells more than many portraits, despite the fact that we only see the man from behind. The picture itself tells a strong story that only becomes even stronger, when we know Søren Huss’ own personal history. an iconic image, which also shines in 100 years. A picture full of atmosphere, of a man emerging from darkness into light. ”

The picture also won one of the four subcategories, the Best Portrait of the year.

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