The Swiss Weekend – The end of Fall Tour ’11

After the succesfull 1st half of the Fall Tour in Holland, the 2nd weekend in November with concerts in Grabenhalle, Kofmehl and Schüür marked the 2nd half in Switzerland.

11.11.11 – Friday in Grabenhalle, St. Gallen

Along with this special date, the band started their 2nd half of the Fall tour in Switzerland.

See the Setlist and photos from the concert.

Saturday November 12th in Kofmehl, Solothurn

Time to make sure the sound is perfect, with a soundcheck:


Time to celebrate ! A Rock cake to the band:


See the Setlist and photos from the concert.

A small summary of concert:

Sunday November 13th in Schüür, Luzern

See the Setlist and photos from the concert.

After this 3rd and last concert, the guys returned home to Denmark with their suitcases filled with Swiss chokolate and cheese

A “thank you” from the band on facebook

A big “thank you” to everyone who attended our concerts in Holland and Switzerland these past three weeks! It has once again been an amazing experience for us and we cannot wait to come back … with more new songs and a new album! Peace and love from PSSJJ

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