Dangers of the Sea in Vega

Sparkling Indie pop meets the melancholy folk-rock in the Dangers of the Seas melodic and guitar-borne universe .

Enjoy the band live in Vega’s Ideal Bar, Copenhagen on February 22nd. The concert starts 21:00, and costs 80 kr which includes a beer.

Buy your ticket on Vega’s website.


Jorck acts as support.  Jorck is the name of the Danish singer and songwriter Trine Jørcks new project. Jork are stylistically in the field of tension between dusty blues-rock and delicate, fragile indie, where she has placed herself in her own little niche of sound. Text universe is introverted, melancholy, thoughtful and reflects on life as a human – in the large and small.

Listen to Trina Jørcks “It’s Been A While” on MySpace.

About the bar

Ideal Bar is VEGA’s bar at street level on the corner of Enghavevej and Rejsbygade. Ideal Bar is an integral part of VEGA but at the same time the cozy and intimate bar has a life of its own. Admission is always free, and Ideal Bar has its own, often slightly crooked artistic profile. The bar provides a framework for a series of fixed events and clubs which runs from Wednesday to Saturday.

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