P3 celebrates great Danish albums

Experience SAYBIA live on October 20th 2012 in Copenhagen, DK.

SAYBIA burst through in 2002 with the album “The Second You Sleep”. On Saturday October 20th it can be seen in a P3 Live Album Session at the Concert Hall and live on the radio station P3.

Under the headline “P3 celebrates great Danish albums” P3 focuses on one of the Danish albums, that really influenced a whole generation, for the second consecutive year. Last year was the Kashmir’s album “The Good Life”, which gathered a huge audience in the Concert Hall – this year it Saybias turn.

“SAYBIA’s The Second You Sleep not only hit spot on with one or two hit – they hit a nerve at the time – and therefore deserve to be celebrated,” says Lars Trillingsgaard, Music Director on DR, and continues: “It is great when P3 can help set the agenda, and we did that back in 2001 when P3 played SAYBIA’s EP massively and thus helped to provide Saybia the starting point, that gave their first album a huge impact. ”

This story is corroborated by the fact that Saybia were the first ever winners of the P3 Prisen in 2001 – and this success was underlined when they won the P3 Kunstneren and P3 Lytterhittet the next year.

Express speed to the stars

After the Award in december 2001, things happended fast. “The Second You Sleep” got released in January – and the subsequent tour was soon sold out. The success overwhelmed the band – and especially Søren Huss himself, who in an interview with Politiken in April 2002, said: “They have gone completely berserk. It’s really Beatles in Nyborg!”

The journey continued at express speed to the stars in 2002 and 2003 . In August 2002, they received double platinum – 100,000 records sold – for “The Second You Sleep” in Denmark. At the same time the album was released throughout Europe and was followed by a tour in Germany and Holland in the autumn. They won three awards at that year’s Zulu-Awards, and the same at the Danish Music Awards in 2003.

“It was very, very massive. We were bombarded with experiences all the time and every day was packed for over 1½ year. We had hoped that it would be big, but never dreamed of it would be that big. “Søren Huss in an interview with dr.dk in P3 Prisen’s 10 year anniversary in 2011.

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