Søren’s tour program is set

With the release of the 2nd album in October, Søren heads out to the Danish venues in November.

  • November 1st – Borgerforeningen, Nyborg
  • November 2nd  – Foderstoffen, Rudme
  • November 3rd – Gjethuset, Frederiksværk
  • November 8th – Sønderborghus, Sønderborg
  • November 9th – Fermaten, Herning
  • November 14th – Tobakken, Esbjerg
  • November 15th – Gimle, Roskilde
  • November 16th – Vershuset, Næstved
  • November 17th – Posten, Odense
  • November 22nd – Skraaen, Aalborg
  • November23rd – Voxhall, Aarhus
  • November 24th – Paletten, Viborg
  • November 29th – Templet, Lyngby
  • November 30th – Store Vega, København

In January:

  • January 25th – Norsminde Kro, Odder
Buy your ticket

The tickets will be released continuously at billetlugen.dk (in Danish)

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