Setlist October 20th 2012

Setlist from the concert held in DR Koncerthuset (Copenhagen, DK) October 20th 2012:

  1. 7 Demons
  2. Fool’s Corner
  3. The Second You Sleep
  4. Snake Tongued Beast
  5. Joy
  6. Still Falling
  7. The Day After Tomorrow
  8. In Spite Of
  9. Empty Stairs
  10. The Miracle in July
  11. The One for You
  12. A Way Out
  13. Brilliant Sky
  14. Bend The Rules
  15. I Surrender

One response to “Setlist October 20th 2012

  1. Fantastic play list!!! Please play Bend the Rules as well as an extra on the 9th of January in Amsterdam 🙂 🙂 ……. And A way out too, love those songs so much (and all the other songs and The Second You Sleep album in it´s totality). See you all soon

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