Review of the concert on October 20th 2012 by GAFFA

Nostalgic reunion with Saybias album “The Second You Sleep” gave goose bumps, standing ovations and watery eyes

Saybia: The Second You Sleep Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Saturday 20th October 2012

For the second year in a row DR’s concert hall hosts “P3 Sessions”, that celebrates the biggest Danish albums. Last year Kashmir performed their “The Good Life”-album . Saturday evening argued Saybia their “The Second You Sleep” debut album in front of a sold out and enthusiastic concert hall. The album was played from the beginning to end as we know it as well as four additional tracks from “These Are The Days” and “Eyes On The Highway”.

“Seven Demons” and “Fool’s Corner” is the first songs. Both are solid tracks that show why Saybia was on everyone’s lips as well as on cd-players back in 2002. The stage is covered with carpets, which most likely is the same, the band toured with a decade ago. The five musicians Søren Huss, Jeppe Langebek Knudsen, Palle Sørensen, Sebastian Sandstrøm and Jess Jensen is surrounded by large, bright light bulbs put on poles. It makes a delicious, intimate living room atmosphere, despite the concert halls considerable size.

Photo: Paw Ager

Photo: Paw Ager

After the mentioned songs, Huss askes: “Are you sitting down and sing along? Fell free to join innow” and “The Second You Sleep” fills the room. You can feel and hear that Saybia was ten years older – in a good way. Søren Huss got more edge in his voice, and the music are not exactly the same as you hear them on the album, which is refreshing.

A small slip

Huss says that the band hasn’t played “Snake-Tongued Beast” in 10 years – and it can unfortunately also be heared. The more rocked fourth song was not a favorite ten years ago and it is not today. Søren’s voice drowns, and it is clear that he just works better on the quieter, fragile numbers rather than the this song. The voice is not quite right, and it doesn’t seem as if the band “feel” the song.


“Joy” and “Still Falling” is played, and the band gets a revival. Poetry with Søren’s soulful voice is in focus and gives momentary goosebumps. And Sebastian Sandstrøms brilliant guitar solo on “Joy” is as good as expected, which also throws a decent applause.

After the last chord of “Still Falling” has fallen, Søren Huss exclaims: “We are so excited to even be considered for this, and really surprised how fast you have been to purchase tickets. It makes a difference whether there are an audience here or not. We were surprised and happy, so thank you for that. ” There are called “Thanks to you too!” from the audience, and the atmosphere rises a bit.

Photo: Paw Ager

Photo: Paw Ager

The highlight

When the hit “The Day After Tomorrow” is set in motion, the mood gain new heights. Suddenly I find myself back at the maid’s room in the year 2002, with the new album with this new rock band. Here is the reason for the 5 stars, which is also seen in a very enthusiastic gentleman two rows down, a thirty plus gguy who’s a teenager again, with pink cheeks, a huge smile and a crazy, rocking left foot.

It is contagious, and as many of the other fans in the concert hall, one can not help but sing along – just a little bit. Again, Sandstrøm shows he can do guitar solos. All audiences comes out of the seats and claps to the beat of guitar strings, which are twisted in the most delicious way – and the humble response from the band is close to touching. It is one of the highlights at an event like this. It’s dedicated fans who come, and the band in the center, that takes good care of the spectators.

Good news for Saybia fans

Between “In Spite Of” and “Empty Stairs”, one from the audience shouts “we look forward to a new album!”. Søren Huss proclames that “we have never stopped as a band, and this is not a farewell concert. There were a period where we just had to get away from each other, but when we feel for it, we will be making a 4th album, and we would very much like to come and play it here.”

Coming to an end in style

Tonight’s tenth track, “Miracle In July”, is executed beautifully. Here harmonies mentioned – Huss’ and Jess’ voices sounds exceptionally well together and lifts the song a level. You become really reminded why Saybia got as big a breakthrough as they did ten years ago. 11th and the last number is the heavy and slightly sinister “The One For You”, which are introduced as “the sound of a broken man’s heart”.

There is a small nuisance in the form of a humming amplifier in the quiet passages seems louder than it probably really is. But as soon as the chorus comes, and Huss’ powerful voice gets free rein, you forget all about the stupid buzzer. It’s really impressive what the man can do with his voice, and there is a wet eye or two to spot. A standing ovation is once again in the house, and you can feel the desperation in the audience – it must not end. After exit and a few minutes of suspense, the band enters the stage again.

Photo: Paw Ager

Photo: Paw Ager

A mixed encore 

Four encores will be done. The first song on the menu is “A Way Out” from “Eyes On The Highway”. It’s a nice song choice, as the grandiose and emotional element fits with the rest of the night.

The last three tracks are from “These Are The Days” album. “Brilliant Sky” a more happy-go-lucky song, which is a nice break from the melancholic rock songs. A look around the hall also shows smiling faces across the board. “Bend The Rules” follows, and you are reminded of this little gem of a song where the goose bumps again is to spot when Huss yelling: “we took everything for granted”.

Tonight’s 15th and the last song is introduced with a “yes, we play I Surrender “- there is no nice way to put it, other than that it has been a great evening, thank you for coming.” “I Surrender” starts, and all the audience completely surrenders.


5 out of 6


Sara Elisabeth Nedergaard


Paw Ager

Original Danish version

The audience were some doubtful about the news, witch didn’t gave them anything to sing along to, from the otherwise hit-making band. Perhaps the only “sing-a-long-song” where the single “Brilliant Sky”, which had been P3’s “Ugens Uundgåelige” (red. a song played very much in a week on the radio), and are becoming a big radio hit. For sure the relatively dynamic, guitar-driven mid-tempo-song have Saybia-hit qualities, and it were followed by yet another relatively energetic rock-song “Bend The Rules”, after these songs Saybia went down in pace in “I Surrender”, where Kira Skov from Kira And The Kindred Spirits went on stage as guest vocal. Many of the remaining songs carried on in a mountain-gear, but with a little less melodic, hit-potential and grandiose as before from Saybia – but at leas as melancholic. The obvious Coldplay-references is toned down; people who like to classify Saybia as a “whining-rock” have to look a different place in the dictionary, and the new Saybia-material seems more independent, but it’s still obvious to compare their progress with that of  Kashmir, with their albums “Cruzential” to “The Good Life”, who went towards the more thoughtfulness.

Saybia played well-balanced and competent with a beautiful singing, quite soften and not so “whining” Søren Huss in front, at times with a beautiful grand  piano. The new songs won a big applause by the audience, but not all the way to wild enthusiasm. It seems like the songs has to be played a couple of times to stand out – but wasn’t quite time  for that.

After 10 songs Saybia and Søren Huss finished with a “Thanks for the patience” – undoubtful a last reply many bands would like to use from the stage – and people intensely clapped for an extra number. Properly they hoped it would be some of the old hits as dessert. But no, again with mixed pleasure at the audience, we got the last song from the new album. Again it’s a extremely thoughtful, dreaming and melancholic piece with the title “Untitled”. It was beautiful, and very long – I didn’t see on the watch, but according sources close to the band it lasts 16 minutes on the album, and it was properly the same here. It was quite honest a fitting closure of a brave and fine concert, where old hits just would have erupted the general impression, and first and foremost it should be seen as a presentation of were Saybia is in 2004. And they are obvious on the right track. In deed I’m looking forward to the new album, and certainly there will come some hits from it again – a least the ballad “Stranded” also have clear melancholic qualities. Then Saybia plays the same songs live at autumn, surely there will be many more who sings along.


4 out of 6


Ole Rosenstand Svidt

Original Danish version

For andet år i træk prøver DR’s koncertsal kræfter med “P3 Sessions” der hylder de største, danske album. Sidste år var det Kashmirs “The Good Life”. Lørdag aften fremførte Saybia deres debutalbum “The Second You Sleep” foran en udsolgt og meget begejstret koncertsal. Albummet blev spillet fra start til slut som man kender det, og fire ekstranumre fra “These Are The Days” fra 2004 og et enkelt nummer fra “Eyes On The Highway” fra 2007 blev det også til.

Dagligstuestemning og fællessang

“Seven Demons” og “Fool’s Corner” er de første numre. Begge er solide skæringer, der viser hvorfor Saybia kom på alles læber såvel som pladespillere tilbage i 2002. Scenen er dækket med tæpper, som højst sandsynligt er de samme, bandet turnerede rundt med for ti år siden. De fem musikere Søren Huss, Jeppe Langebek Knudsen, Palle Sørensen, Sebastian Sandstrøm og Jess Jensen står omgivet af store, nøgne lyspærer sat på stænger. Det giver en lækker, intim dagligstuestemning, trods koncertsalens betragtelige størrelse.

Efter førnævnte numre udbryder Huss: “Sidder I og synger med dernede? For så får I frit løb nu”, hvorefter “The Second You Sleep” fylder salen. Der bliver vugget, klappet og sunget med. Man kan mærke og høre at Saybia er blevet ti år ældre – på den gode måde. Søren Huss har fået mere kant i stemmen, og arrangementerne er ikke præcis de samme som man hører dem på pladen, hvilket er forfriskende.

En lille smutter

Huss fortæller at bandet ikke har spillet “Snake-Tongued Beast” i ti år – og det kan desværre også høres. Den mere rockede fjerde skæring var ikke en favorit for ti år siden og er det heller ikke i dag. Sørens stemme drukner, og det er tydeligt at han bare fungerer bedre på de mere stille, skrøbelige numre frem for denne mere baldrede sang. Stemmen er ikke helt rigtig, og det virker ikke, som om bandet “føler” sangen rigtigt.


“Joy” og “Still Falling” bliver spillet, og bandet får revival. Lyrikken sammen med Sørens sjælfulde stemme er her i højsædet og giver momentvis gåsehud. Og Sebastian Sandstrøms eminente guitarsolo på “Joy” er lige så god som forventet, hvilket også kaster en ordentlig klapsalve af sig.

Efter den sidste akkord i “Still Falling” er faldet, udbryder Søren Huss: “Vi er så glade for overhovedet at komme i betragtning til det her, og virkelig overraskede over hvor hurtige I har været på tasterne til at købe billet. For det gør jo faktisk en forskel, om der sidder nogen herinde. Vi blev forundrede og glade, så tusind tak for det”. Der bliver råbt “i lige måde!” fra salen, og stemningen stiger en tand.


Da hittet “The Day After Tomorrow” sættes i gang, når stemningen atter nye højder. Med ét befinder jeg mig tilbage på pigeværelset anno 2002, med den nye plade med det dér nye rockband, på anlægget. Her kommer de fem stjerner virkelig til sin ret, hvilket også ses hos en meget entusiastisk herre to rækker nede. En plus-tredive-fyr der er teenager igen, med lyserøde kinder, et kæmpe smil og en sindssyg, rokkende venstrefod.

Det smitter, og som mange af de andre fans i salen kan man ikke andet end at synge med – bare en lille smule. Igen må Sandstrøm nævnes – han kan bare det med guitarsoloer. Alle kommer op af sæderne og klapper i takt til guitarstrengene, der bliver vredet på den lækreste måde – og den ydmyge reaktion fra bandet er tæt på rørende. Det er et af højdepunkterne ved et arrangement som dette. Det er dedikerede fans der kommer, og bandet i centrum tager godt hånd om tilskueren.

Godt nyt til Saybia-fans

Mellem “In Spite Of” og “Empty Stairs” bliver der råbt “vi glæder os til et nyt album!” fra salen. Hertil proklamerer Søren Huss, at “vi har ikke på noget tidspunkt været stoppet som band, og det her er ikke en afskedskoncert. Der var nogle år hvor vi lige skulle væk fra hinanden, men når vi får lyst til det kommer der en plade, og så vil vi meget gerne komme og spille den”. Denne information er kærkommen, og der bliver piftet og hujet.

At lakke mod enden med stil

Aftenens tiende nummer, “Miracle In July”, bliver eksekveret på smukkeste vis. Her skal harmonierne nævnes – Huss og Jess på keys’ stemmer klinger ualmindeligt godt sammen og løfter sangen en tak. Man bliver virkelig mindet om hvorfor Saybia fik så stort et gennembrud som de gjorde for ti år siden. 11. og sidste nummer er den tunge og lidt dystre “The One For You”, der bliver introduceret som “lyden af et knust mandehjerte”.

Der er et lille irritationsmoment i form af en brummende forstærker, der i de stille passager virker som om den larmer mere end den nok egentlig gør. Men så snart omkvædet kommer, og Huss’ kraftfulde stemme får frie tøjler, glemmer man alt om den dumme brummetone. Det er virkelig imponerende hvad den mand kan gøre med sin stemme, og der er et vådt øje eller to at spotte. En stående ovation kommer endnu en gang i hus, og man kan mærke desperationen hos publikum – det må ikke slutte. Efter exit og et par minutters suspense, entrerer bandet scenen igen, til stor begejstring.

Lidt blandet godt

Fire ekstranumre skal det blive til.Første sang på menuen er “A Way Out” fra “Eyes On The Highway”.Det er et fint sangvalg, da det storladne og emotionelle islæt står i god tråd med resten af aftenen. Der bliver leget med lyset, der går fra buldrende mørke til blå blink, hvilket forstærker helhedsoplevelsen.

De sidste tre numre er fra “These Are The Days”-pladen. Der går en djævel i publikum da der bliver dæmmet op for “Brilliant Sky”. En mere happy-go-lucky-sang, der er et dejligt afbræk fra de melankolske rocksange. Et kig rundt i salen viser også smilende ansigter over hele linjen. “Bend The Rules” følger trop, og man bliver mindet om denne lille perle af en sang, hvor gåsehud igen er at spotte når Huss skråler: “we took everything for granted”.

Aftenens 15. og sidste nummer bliver introduceret med et “ja, vi spiller “I Surrender” – der er ikke nogen pæn måde at sige det på, andet end at det fandeme har været en super aften, tak fordi I kom”. “I Surrender” går i gang, og alle blandt publikum overgiver sig fuldstændig.

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