Søren records music for the H.C. Andersen – A magical adventure show

Søren Huss and Coco from the duo Quadron records the music for the new H.C. Andersen show.

It is a performance, packed with star performers when the adventure show HC Andersen will premiere in the Tivoli Gardens Concert Hall on September 3rd 2013.

The world famous fairytales come to life in a magical world of theater, dance, 3D animations and newly written songs.


H.C. Andersen’s original texts set the framework when 15 world-class artists enter the stage in a magnificent digital video scenography. The show consists of: “The Little Match Girl”, “Clumsy Hans,” “The Nightingale,” “Sweethearts,” “Princess and the Pea,” “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and “The Ugly Duckling”. And they are told in a way that they’ve never been told before.

In short: It’s the world’s best and most classic fairy tale in a spectacular and modern stage show with Nikolaj Lie Kaas as the virtual storyteller, while Søren Huus and Coco from the duo Quadron will record three new tracks that will be included in the performance.

This is Sørens 2nd time to be acquainted with the theater. In 2011 he wrote the music for Shakespeare performance As You Like It at Odense Theatre.

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