Listening tip! SAYBIA – No sound from the outside

After an 8(!) year break, Saybia is back with a new album, and several sold out shows in The Netherlands.  No sound from the outside was released on 1 october, sounds like Saybia-as-we-know-them, yet completely different. 

The first thing I notice: watskeburt with singer Søren Huss’ high voice? That’s what made Saybia sound like Saybia.. While he probably can’t reach the high notes anymore, the Danish band delivered a great album with No sounds from the outside. It’s one of those ‘growers’: it gets better during every play and I just don’t want to turn it off!

First single: Black Hole

The first single of the album is Black hole. Not one of the top hits of the album if you ask me, but hey, who cares about singles nowadays? It’s still a really good song:

Heart breaking: I’m still waiting

The long break of the band started right after the death of  Søren’s girlfriend, who was killed in a car accident. With that in mind, songs like I’m still waiting get a new dimension: “I’m still waiting, witing for you, you to come back, out of the blue“.

I walk my pillow?

Many songs on the album contain the typical Nordic combination of melancholy and optimism, accompanied by a small selection of instruments. Up-tempo song It’s about time, reminisces of the 00’s indierockers The Killers, and It’s been way too long, somehow reminds of the more psychydelic bands from the same era. Or maybe that’s because of the high, which is the subject of the song, with the surreal like “I walk my pillow and I feed my dog, wait a minute I don’t have a dog”? (did I hear that correctly?)

The other songs sound more alike, making the album beautifully coherent with some surprises added. And the voice of Søren? It just grew up. Just like the music. And the early fans probably just grew along!


Janine, Nordic Vibes on October 5th 2015

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