Søren tries something brand new

Søren goes to the Theater

Søren changes the rock scene out for the theater’s polished floors in november and december 2016. In a new theater show, “Bertolt Brecht Svendborg Poems” SAYBIA-lead singer puts the German poet, playwright and political dissident Bertolt Brecht in focus. The show is for the first time raised in Bertolt Brecht’s old exile town Svendborg.

The actors Jens Gotthelf, and the German-American Leif Eric Young joins Søren on the stage. In addition to star in the play, Søren writes the music for the show.

The play is based on a collection of poems from 1939 written by Bertolt Brecht at the time when the poet lived in exile in Denmark. The poems are about being a refugee and behold a war-torn homeland from a distance.

The show takes place in BaggårdTeatret in Svendborg on November 17th 2016 and December 5th 2016 in Teater Grob in Copenhagen.


BaggårdsTeatret – baggaardteatret.dk

Teater Grob – grob.dk

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