SAYBIA at Tinderbox ’16

Søren Huss and the rest of SAYBIA opened this years Tinderbox Festival. And it was a cheering crowd that welcomed them.

With more than 20 years in the business and hundreds of festival appearences SAYBIA should have cut the musical string at a festival long time ago. It’s not the case for the band and therefore were the concert at Tinderbox something special.

See the setlist from the concert.

Fyens Stiftstidende gives SAYBIAs opening concert 4 stars.

– Should the band get the opening concert offered soon, it is definitely appreciated, if the new songs will be on the setlist. They have certainly the format to stand alone, writes reviewer Simon Staunton.

However, he believes that Søren Huss is “slightly off”, because he can not reach the really high notes, and the audience gets a verbal reprimand because they talk too much during the concert (a problem that Northside festival in Aarhus also struggling with). Read the hole review on (in Danish).

The Music Magazine GAFFA also gives SAYBIA 4 stars and describes the concert in sultry words as follows:

– A hard-won victory from the band that started a little hesitant, but eventually got sucked up the slack, as it so poetically is called in Suspekts words, or from the bottom up, to repent album title from Søren Huss solo album. It’s nice to have them back – both on and outside the island of Funen. Read the hole review on (in Danish).

Less enthusiastic is Politiken’s reviewer Simon Lund, who gives the opening concert three stars.

He found the concert “too soft for a festival where most people goes around in metal t-shirts with names like Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Napalm Death and especially Rammstein.”

However, Simon Lund highlights the older material as a crowd pleaser feature at a concert that was otherwise marked by 00’s cliches and a lack of “feeling the inner thunder”.



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