It was on January 14th, during a rock musical in Nyborg, some guys found out that they worked well together on the stage. When the show was over, they met on stage and jammed to a rock number. That as the very beginning of the band that became Saybia, one of Danish rock’s greatest successes in recent times.

1993 – 1999

The beginning
It all began January 14th 1993, when the band Saybia was formed in their hometown Nyborg, Denmark.
From that moment on, the boys have been (still do) working hard to show their talents to the world.

The Name Saybia originated the January 14th, from the name of a Sabian cymbal, Sabian slowly turned to Saybia.

At that the time the band members were:
Søren Huss (Vocal),
Thomas Dahl (Guitar),
Jeppe Knudsen (Bass) og
Palle Sørensen (Drums)

Since the start they have worked intensively to make the world outside aware of their potential.

They made their 1st demo “Saybia” in 1996.

Two new band members joined the band in 1997. Keyboard player Jess Jensen and guitar player Sebastian Sandstrøm replaced Thomas Dahl, who had quit the band. Saybia gets its very own unique structure and style.

The band made their 2nd demo  “Dawn of a new life” in 1998.

The bands songs began to show up on promotion CD’s in 1999, and the demo “Chapter 2” was made in the same year.

2000 – 2001

The band moves to Copenhagen in 2000, and with the base in the big city close to their rehearsal studio, the band spends most of its time creating music. Their last demo “Chapter 3” was made the same year.

The toils of the rehearsal studio and the more than 100 gigs played in the past two years alone can be heard in the debut album and at shows, where you’ll meet a tight, cohesive unit of a band with its own sound and its own universe.

Signed a contract with EMI in the spring 2001.

Saybia EP
In June 2001 they release the “Saybia EP” containing the songs “Foold corner” and “The day after tomorrow”, which gets a lot of airplay on the Danish Radio station “P3”.

This station was convinced that Saybia was able to reach a bigger audience than they did back then.

“Foold corner” also gets used as soundtrack for the Danish movie “En Kort En Lang“.

In September 2001 the band went to Sweden to record their debut album The Second You Sleep. This album was Recorded in “The Blue Room” in Gävle (Sweden), and produced by Saybia and Swedish producer Andreas Ahlenius. The album was mixed at Medley Studios, Copenhagen DK.

In December 2001 Saybia receives the P3 (National broadcaster Danmarks Radio) Award in the category; Best new Act.

2002 – 2003

The Second You Sleep
On the 21st of January 2002, the long-awaited album “The Second You Sleep” got released.

The album goes to the no. 1 position in all charts in Denmark in no-time.

With 11 numbers on the track list, it is an album that searches for beauty and purity, with lyrics searching for answers to the questions of life.

February 21st 2002, there are more than 10.000 sold copies of the album and in made even more than 83.000!

At the Danish Music Awards 2002 SAYBIA won the price in the category Best rock album of the year for their EP and a nomination in Best New Act.

In the Autumn of 2002, the album gets released in the Netherlands and shortly after that also in the rest of Europe.

The single “The second you sleep” also gets released in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

In the Netherlands, the album reaches the sixth place in the album top 100.

Roskilde Festival
June 28th 2002 Saybia plays on the big stage of the Danish rock festival Roskilde. This is one of the highlights of their career according to the band (so far).

The first awards
They get started as Best new Act and Best New Band of the year 2002 by the Danish music magazine “Gaffa”.
The band also receives the Danish Music Award for Best Rock Album for their EP, an honour which for the first time was given for an EP.

Furthermore they got awards for

  • Best Album
  • Best Vocalist and
  • Best New Act.

And a nomination in the category Best Single (The Second You Sleep) at the Zulu Awards.

At the P3 awards, they received an award in the categories Artist Of The Year and Best Hit – Popular Vote (The Second You Sleep).

Tjeklisten (program on largest radio station, P3) awarded the band a 1st prize in the category Hit Of The Year (“The Second You Sleep”).

At last they got nominated at the MTV Europe Music Award 2002 for Best Nordic Act.

The “first” tour
Saybia’s first tour at home right after the release of the debut album was marked by stoplights everywhere shows weren’t simply sold out, they were totally sold out in no time! And the band delivered a series of hard-hitting concerts that clearly demonstrated the Band was not by any stretch of the imagination an overnight sensation, but a tight fluid band formed by years of work in rehearsal rooms and on the smaller stages around Denmark. Things have changed a lot since then, the stages have gotten a lot bigger, the tour log includes lots of gigs abroad and the band has become more polished as a unit. But the cornerstone remains the same; to pull the audience into the moment with music created by strong human emotion.

Saybia’s enormous success made the band even more in demand in 2003, so intensive tours of Denmark and the rest of Europe followed in the wake of the release of “The Second You Sleep”. The album were released May 13th in Canada. A Live-EP recorded February 16 at the venue “013” in Tilburg, NL was also released the same year.

Saybia received “Årets P3-Kunstner” and “Årets Lytterhit” at the Danish radiostation P3 awards.

At the Danish Music Awards 2003, they got topscores with 6 nominees in following categories:

  • Album Of The Year
  • Singer Of The Year
  • Band Of The Year
  • Hit Of The Year
  • Rock Album Of The Year and
  • Songwriter Of The Year.

They won in the categories:

  • Album Of The Year (“The Second You Sleep”)
  • Band Of The Year and
  • Singer Of The Year (Søren Huss)

A Kind Of Eden Studio
In autumn 2003, the band bought a house south of Copenhagen, and turned it into a rehearsal/recording studio (A Kind Of Eden Studio). Saybia spent the winter recording demo’s for the next record “These are the days”.


New Release
In January 2004 the band booked studio-time in “Sandkvie Studio”, Visby on the Swedish island, Gotland, again together with producer Andreas Ahlenius. The album was mixed by Tchad Blake at “Real World Studios” GB. “These Are the Days” was released September 2004; a week later it was number one in Denmark, and made the top ten in both the Netherlands and Switzerland..

EU award
The band won the “Border Breakers”-award 2003, which where presented January 25th at the MIDEM-festival in Cannes. The award represents  the European debut albums with the highest sales in the European Union in 2003, outside their country of origin.

Sales and rewards
In June, TSYS have been sold in over 126.000 examples in Denmark and – hold on – 160.000 in the rest of the world…  not bad.

In November the band where nominated in the MTV Europe Music Awards category “Best Nordic Act” with “There Are The Days”.

“These Are The Days” has gone platinum after reaching sales of over 40,000 in 2005. The Danish band have sold especially well in Norway, Holland, Italy, Spain and Japan as well as the domestic market.

A new EP “New EP” should have seen on the streets by September, but didn’t get released.

The band got online at www.myspace.com January 30th 2006, and in that year they visited 10 European countries in a 2 month tour.

2007 – 2008

Eyes On The Highway
In August 2007 Saybia released their 3rd studio album “Eyes on the highway”, which was recorded in the bands own studio “A Kind of Eden Studio”, this time with producer Rune Nissen Petersen. The album was mixed by Producer Ryan Hewitt at “The Pass”, Hollywood.

After 1 week, the 3rd album ”Eyes On The Highway” entered directly at:

#2 on the official Danish album hit chart
#6 on the official Dutch album hit chart.
#15 on the official Swiss album hit chart

Saybia had thereby beaten the former records from the releases of the first 2 albums in the Netherlands.

The first single from the 3rd album “Angel” were available on iTunes June 11th. On MySpace it was played over 14.000 times, in only three weeks. The music video for the song were possible to see June 29th on saybia.com.

After 7 weeks “Eyes On The Highway” had sold over 15.000 copies in Denmark, and earned itself a gold-record.

Great loss
December was a disasteres month with the terrible loss of Sørens girlfriend in a traffic accident.

The 2008 started with a cancellation of a long awaited concert at the UKEN Festival in Bergen, Norway in February. Quite understandable after Søren’s personal tragedy in December 2007, in fact it meant that the hole 1st half of the year were used on private things.

Festivals and Autumn Tour
The Festival season started in May, and as usual the classic Dutch Festivals as well as several Danish Festivals were visited the following months.

The Autumn tour started in October and brought the band to Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands and of course Denmark.

End of Chapter 2
After the Autumn Tour in 2008, the band decided that this was the end of chapter 2, and put the music career on hold from November 2008 to concentrate on the life beside the music.

Søren moved back the family in Nyborg, Sebastian has spent much time in Norway.

2009 – 2010

The end of Saybia
The band were wrote of by almost everybody i 2009, and all the members of the band were busy with their own projects and lifes. Especially Søren needed time to cope his situation, and did it by writing songs. Even people close to the band had been more than doubtful whether Søren would ever sing again.

At a time rumors were buzzing in the music industry about the possibility of a Søren Huss comeback, but nothing about Saybia.

Solo album
In 2010 Søren recorded his solo album, and then Universal heard it, they signed for at 2nd album even without knowing how the Danes would react to the new songs. On October 18th he released his solo album “Troen og Ingen” in Danish, and at the same time it was confirmed, that he and the rest of the band again was in the studio playing again.

Sørens solo album were praised by all the critics, and people were gathering to all his concerts in the Fall of 2010.

New band

Jess joined the band Dangers of the Sea (a folk/indie band) in 2010.

Chapter 3

Out of the blue concerts were announced in Switzerland and Holland, and this was the official cancellation of the break, and marked the start of Chapter 3.

2011 – 2012

With Søren busy on his solo project, this ment only a few Saybia concerts in 2011.

Roumors talked about work on 4th album, witch should be released late ’11 or early ’12. After some time, the work on the album was cancelled and Søren focused on his 2nd solo album “Oppefra & Ned”.

At the same time Jess were playing  numerous shows in Denmark and abroad in the band Dangers Of The Sea. Dangers of the Sea has been recording throughout 2011.

Sørens 2nd album got released on October 15th 2012.

SAYBIAs only public appearance in 2012 was at the 2 sold out album sessions in the Danish Radio Concert Hall celebrating the bands 20-year anniversary.

2013 – ….

20-year anniversary
The year started with 2 dutch 20-year anniversary concerts (1 on the excact anniversary date).

Their 7 concerts in 2013 focused on their debut album.

The making of the 4th album
The work on what was to become the fourth Saybia album didn’t begin until a couple of years ago, however, when lead singer Søren Huss and bass player Jeppe Knudsen arranged a weekly meeting. Every Tuesday the two of them would meet up in order to write new songs in an informal and playful atmosphere with no intention of making a new album.

When the two had finished a pile of sketches for new songs the rest of the band started to join in. Soon the idea of actually recording a new album became a reality.

During this proces the band’s guitarist on the first three albums, Sebastian Sandstrom, chose to leave Saybia in favor of other projects. Instead the band has been joined by guitar player Kasper Rasmussen – who has been a friend of the band since they met at a national rock competition in 1998 (where both Kasper’s band and Saybia attended). Palle Sørensen is still on drums and Jess Jensen is still on keyboards.

Saybia’s fourth album, No Sound From The Outside, has been recorded during 2014 and 2015 in Los Angeles, USA and Copenhagen, Denmark.

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