Concerts in 2001

This year included 15 concerts and the 1st of many trips to Germany

October 27th – Musikcafeen, Aarhus, DK 

July 14th – Rocks 2001, Südslesvig, DE 

June 27th – Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, DK 

May 26th – Hollywood Hardrock, Fredericia, DK 

May 25th – Stengade, Copenhagen, DK 

April 21st – Rytmeposten, Odense, DK 

March 30th – DTU, Lyngby, DK 

March 23rd – Drop Inn, Copenhagen, DK 

March 10th – Musikcafeen, Aarhus, DK 

March 9th – Plantagehuset, Thisted, DK 

February 23rd – Fermaten, Herning, DK 

February 17th – Paraplyen, Vejle, DK 

February 16th – Panic, Haderlev, DK 

February 10th – Kulisselageret, Horsens, DK 

February 8th – Cafe Rust, Copenhagen, DK 

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