The Second You Sleep (Album)

Release date
January 21st 2002

CD, CD-Digipack, LP and Download.


  1. 7 Demons
  2. Fools Corner
  3. The Second You Sleep
  4. Snake Tongued Beast
  5. Joy
  6. Still Falling
  7. The Day After Tomorrow
  8. In Spite Of
  9. Empty Stairs
  10. The Miracle In July
  11. The One For You

Released in an Indonesian version (Cassette), an Instrumental version, 2nd Edition version, 2 CD version and a Limited PinkPop Edition.

2 responses to “The Second You Sleep (Album)

  1. Brilliant album.
    The day after tomorrow is one of my favoutite songs.
    This album contains this song with the drum intro.
    There is also a version with a piano intro , does anybody know where I can find this one?

  2. Hey guys you’re AWESOME!!!! The Second You Sleep is one of my favourite albums ever…so unique, tender, so emotional, embroided with true and honest love that is so rare nowadays…and this album is a true gem to be kept dearly and cherished forever…love you forever…greetings from Belgrade…<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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