7 Demons (The Second You Sleep)


A Kind Of Eden (Demos)
A Walk In The Park (Eyes On The Highway)
A Way Out (Eyes On The Highway)
A Year Ago (Demos)
Airplanes And Submarines (No Sound From The Outside)
All That I See (Demos)
Angel (Eyes On The Highway)
Apart (Other Lyrics)
At The End Of Blue (Eyes On The Highway)


Bend The Rules (These Are The Days)
Between (Other Lyrics)
Black Hole (No Sound From The Outside)
Blues (Other Lyrics)
Brilliant Sky (These Are The Days)


Col-De-Sac (Other Lyrics)
Come On Closer (Other Lyrics)
Coming Home (Other Lyrics)
Couldn’t Care Less (Other Lyrics)
Crazy Blue (Other Lyrics)


Dressed In Black (Other Lyrics)
Dont Break Me (Demos)
Down (No Sound From The Outside)


Empty Stairs (The Second You Sleep)
Everythings Different (Other Lyrics)
Eyes On The Highway (Eyes On The Highway)


Flags (These Are The Days)
Fools Corner (The Second You Sleep)
For The Time Being (Other Lyrics)
Får Drømmen Aldrig Fred (Other Lyrics)


Godspeed Into The Future (Eyes On The Highway)
Guardian Angel (These Are The Days)
Gypsy (Eyes On The Highway)


Heaven (These Are The Days)
Hollow Is Your Promise (No Sound From The Outside)


I Hope This War Is Over (Other Lyrics)
I Surrender (These Are The Days)
I Will As Your Friend (Other Lyrics)
I Will Let You Know (Demos)
I Wish His Eyes Belonged To You (Demos)
I’m Still Waiting (No Sound From The Outside)
In Spite Of (The Second You Sleep)
It’s About Time (No Sound From The Outside)
It’s Been Way Too Long (No Sound From The Outside)
It’s OK Love (These Are The Days)


Joy (The Second You Sleep)
Just A Dream (Demos)


Let Me Ease Your Pain (Other Lyrics)
Love Is Shining (Demos)


Makes Me Wonder (Other Lyrics)
My Precious / Sleep (Other Lyrics)
My River (Other Lyrics)


No Sound From The Outside – (No Sound From The Outside)


Omnious Mystery (No Sound From The Outside)
On Her Behalf (Eyes On The Highway)
One Minute Man (No Sound From The Outside)
Ordinary Man (Demos)
Ordinary World – Duran Duran cover (Other Lyrics)


Painfull Memories (Demos)
Paralyzed (No Sound From The Outside)
Pathetic (Other Lyrics)
Pretender (Eyes On The Highway)


Rolling The Dice (Other Lyrics)
Romeo (Eyes On The Highway)


Save Me (Demos)
Silence As Your Friend (Demos)
Snake Tongued Beast (The Second You Sleep)
Stranded (These Are The Days)
So Much Better (Other Lyrics)
Soul United (These Are The Days)
Soldier (Other Lyrics)
Still Falling (The Second You Sleep)


The City (Other Lyrics)
The Day After Tomorrow (The Second You Sleep)
The Dawn Of A New Life (Demos)
The Domestic Battle (Other Lyrics)
The Haunted House On The Hill (These Are The Days)
The Miracle In July (The Second You Sleep)
The Odds (Eyes On The Highway)
The One For You (The Second You Sleep)
The Second You Sleep (The Second You Sleep)
The Story (Demos)
Treason (Other Lyrics)


Unconditional War (Other Lyrics)


Waiting (Demos)
We Almost Made It (These Are The Days)
Worst Case Scenario (Other Lyrics)

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